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We are a husband and wife team on a  mission, providing high quality care. We are on a mission to help children build a strong foundation for a lifetime of achievements. 

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About the Curriculum

The Pre-School Plan-It curriculum is a multi age curriculum carefully designed, simple enough for our young ones to stay engaged in learning yet challenging enough for our older, more advanced children to reach their potential. The curriculum has a strong focus on reading and character building. We make Math, Science, History, and Spanish, entertaining by clever fun songs, games, and activities that go along with our weekly themes. We use technology with our curriculum to keep children's attention. We consistently work on all the basic concepts through play. The curriculum is designed to make learning fun and exciting for the children. The pledge of allegiance and prayers are said daily. Children are provided with fun and educational activities that allow their minds to explore and to build self esteem. 

Our Curriculum Includes:

Circle Time
Art and Music
Outdoor Play
Weekly Themes
Educational Activities
Small Group Learning

Faith based prayers